Shelby Monster Kuykenwall
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Shelby Monster Kuykenwall

09.13.2008 - 02.05.2019

On October 20th, 2008, I made the best decision of my life. They told us they had two girls left. You were six weeks old. Your sister was sound asleep and you were full of energy. You won my heart the moment I laid eyes on you. That feeling has never changed.

You were so much more than a dog. You are my world. The best family member we could ask for. You where there for me through my ups and downs. Showed me strength when I didn't have it. You made me a better person. The impact you have made on so many lives is indescribable. Your uncontrollable nub wags is forever embedded in our minds.

The past five days have flown by. This was all sudden and we were not prepared for this diagnosis. It was too aggressive and inoperable. Please know we did everything we could to keep you with us. Quality of life was the only thing on our mind.

On 02.05.2019, we said see you later to Miss Shelby Monster KuykenWall. The decision was difficult but we know you went and found Mister Ike up the moment you got there.

I love you Shelby Monster.

09.13.2008 - 02.05.2019

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