Lyle Whittier
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Lyle Whittier

11/16/33 -


Lyle Whittier passed peacefully at age 84. He is survived by his long time partner Ursula Robichaud; his sister Mary Jean; three children Kris, Lisa and Kurt; 8 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. As a true renaissance man Lyle was a maker of fine jewelry; an archaeologist, teacher, storyteller; a returned Peace Corps volunteer; a learner of geology, geography, botany, zoology, sociology, mythology, history, anthropology; and a world traveler. From a kid hunting and fishing in northern CA, to the Air Force stationed in Alaska in the mid 50s, to the fine arts community in Monterey CA in the 60s. With his kids and wife Kathy he relocated to Ashland in the late 60s. As an avid cross country skier and backpacker he participated in the beginnings of the local chapter of the Sierra Club. Lyle lived some years in Bend and then back to Ashland where he completed a BS in social studies. Joining the Peace Corps 88'-89', he taught agricultural practices, and fell in love with the peoples of the west African nation of Niger. He then returned to Oregon and worked for the Forest Service as a field archaeologist. With Ursula he traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Peru and all over Europe. He genuinely loved getting to know people from all nations and backgrounds, loved learning and loved the wilderness. We will miss his kindness, humor, intellect, and maybe even his sarcasm.

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on August 5, 2018
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